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Angels Envy | Cask Strength Bourbon | 2020

Angels Envy | Cask Strength Bourbon | 2020

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Proof 120.4 Size 750ML

Angel’s Envy is releasing a very limited number of bottles of our award-winning Cask Strength this year, so don’t miss your chance to pick up a bottle or two of  this rare and delicious spirit. Each year’s release is distinctly unique and is pulled from the most remarkable barrels in our rickhouse.

  • Appearance: Deep, rich amber
  • Nose: Honeyed apples, peach, apricots, overripe banana, black tea, toasted oak, slight char with floral notes
  • PalateHoney, apples, butterscotch, toffee, mellow vanilla with a hint of oak and toast
  • Finish: Medium-length finish with pleasant tannin notes trailing into black tea