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Bruichladdich 1986/30 | Rare Cask Series Sherry The Magnificent Seven

Bruichladdich 1986/30 | Rare Cask Series Sherry The Magnificent Seven

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Ultra-rare. This is our elegant, floral Bruichladdich with intense, full-term Sherry maturation. First filled into Oloroso butts in 1986, this spirit lay untouched in our loch-side warehouses until 2012 [already 26years old], when our then master distiller Jim McEwan decided to supercharge this sublime single malt by filling it into our privileged parcel of Pedro Ximinez butts from winemaker Jan Pettersen at Bodega Fernando de Castilla.

Proof: 89.2

A Bruichladdich Rare Cask Series

— The very last 7 casks from 1986
— Unpeated Islay single malt scotch whisky
— Exclusive to domestic markets
— Limited release of 4,200 bottles
— Vintage 1986 – 30 years
— Distilled, matured and bottled on Islay
— Colouring free and without chill filtration
— Matured in Oloroso casks until 2012
— Recasked into PX casks from Fernando de Castilla
— Natural strength of 44.6% abv

Colour – As dark and mysterious as PX itself.

Aroma – Dried fruit – raisins, fig syrup, prunes and Christmas cake. Muscovado sugar, a hint of hot sand and candied peel, dried tea leaves, pipe tobacco and leather rolled in PX.

Taste – The aroma is truly astounding. On the palate the experience raises the bar still further with sweet PX notes, raisins, dried figs, dates, grape sugar. Leather, cigar boxes and Christmas cake. Everything a Sherry matured whisky should be and more. The complexity and balance is retained as the marine freshness and fruity notes of apricot and apple come through from the Bruichladdich DNA.

Finish – Never-ending. Sweet fruit, PX, salted caramel, cinder tofee and a hint of smoke.

Character – BANG! The mic is dropped…