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Bruichladdich 1984/32 | Rare Cask Series Bourbon All In

Bruichladdich 1984/32 | Rare Cask Series Bourbon All In

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In 2008, our then master distiller Jim McEwan identified a classic vintage parcel of that celebrated style and re-casked it into fresh bourbon for the last leg of an epic journey. This dram comes from the very last 12 casks of the 1984 legacy distillation, poignantly filled on 31st December of that year…

Proof: 87.4

  • Colour – An Islay sunrise.
  • Aroma – Gorgeous.. Classic old school Bruichladdich.. Coconut, warm muscovado sugar, vanilla custard, grapefruit, mango, baked ginger biscuits, marzipan. Afer a while notes of date syrup and sultana.
  • Taste – Soft and gentle texture, a delicate dram. Crème brulee, buttercup and orange zest. Gently warming the palate, it opens to reveal a touch of leather, toasted oak and praline. Sweet citrus and mango come through later.
  • Finish – So gentle but a lovely finish of warm scones and dried fruit, candied orange, lemon peel and apricot jam.
  • Character – There is a quiet feel to this dram, delicate yet assured of its identity.