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Dos Artes Tequila Three Pack | Anejo | Reposado | Blanco

Dos Artes Tequila Three Pack | Anejo | Reposado | Blanco

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We present you with the opportunity to add three elusive Tequila to your collection at an incredible price!

-Dos Artes Anejo 1L anejo tequila is often employed as a whiskey substitute in drinks like a Tequila Old Fashioned or Tequila Manhattan. Anejo tequila's flavor profile goes even further than ordinary blanco or reposado tequila, with strong notes of caramel, oak, and toffee that still allow the sweet, peppery agave that is the backbone of tequila to shine through. As the tequila sits in a barrel, it cycles in and out of the wood, picking up color and flavor. That’s why aged tequilas are amber or golden, while blanco is clear.

-Dos Artes Reposado 1L Tequila mellows as it ages, and adds notes of oak and vanilla to the agave palate. Reposado Tequila adds the oak and vanilla from the time it has spent in barrels, so it is better used in heavier cocktails, although it will perform very well in a Margarita as well.

-Dos Artes Blanco 1L is made from mature, 100% blue agave from the Jalisco region of Mexico. It then goes through our a multiple distillation and filtration process creating a clear masterpiece that is the basis for all
Dos Artes Tequilas.
TASTE PROFILE: This perfectly smooth tequila has flavor notes of herbs, sweet apple and agave