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Two Bitch | Pack Leader Leader |
Two Bitch | Pack Leader Leader |

Two Bitch | Pack Leader Leader |

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Size: 750 ML

Proof: 100

Distillers Description:

Emerges from barrels that are truly remarkable. Released in limited edition batches with individually numbered bottles, Aged 9 Years. 


About Distiller:

Joe and Lauren Luby hold annual whiskey parties at their home bar nicknamed The Luby Saloon. It’s an annual tradition bringing friends together for whiskey and good times! Lauren designs a special whiskey party invitation each year and with Joe’s help they came up with a fun “mock-up brand” invitation to introduce the new puppies.

What began as a fun bourbon bottle mock-up on the invitation was loved by all who saw it and planted the seed for a new brand of bourbon. Two Bitch Spirits Ltd. and Two Bitch™ Bourbon soon became reality.