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2XO | The Innkeepers Blend | Straight Bourbon Whiskey

2XO | The Innkeepers Blend | Straight Bourbon Whiskey

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Size: 750 ML

Proof: 104

Distillers Description: 

Introducing 2XO Whiskey Innkeeper's Blend, a premium whiskey that pays homage to the rich history and legacy of Dixon Dedman, a renowned distiller who dedicated his life to perfecting the art of whiskey making.

Crafted using the finest grains and aged to perfection in carefully selected barrels, 2XO Whiskey Innkeeper's Blend is a testament to Dedman's unwavering commitment to quality and craftsmanship. With a smooth and complex flavor profile that is both bold and refined, this whiskey is sure to please even the most discerning palate.

As an innkeeper and distiller, Dixon Dedman was known for his innovative techniques and his unwavering dedication to excellence. His passion for the craft was evident in every batch he produced, and his legacy lives on through 2XO Whiskey Innkeeper's Blend.

Whether sipping it neat or enjoying it in a classic cocktail, 2XO Whiskey Innkeeper's Blend is the perfect choice for those who appreciate the art of whiskey making and the legacy of great distillers like Dixon Dedman.