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Bimber | Exceptional Quality | American Oak Virgin Cask

Bimber | Exceptional Quality | American Oak Virgin Cask

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Size: 750 ML

Proof: 117.2

bottled at cask strength from a new American oak cask. USA only release of 253 bottles.


Bimber Distillery was founded by whisky lovers, with a mission to produce high-quality single malt whisky with character, using traditional methods that are rarely seen today.


The journey begins at our single farm, where 100% of our barley is grown. It is then traditionally floor malted, hand-mashed and fermented slowly for seven days in our wooden washbacks that were hand-made at our own cooperage. We use direct fire to heat our small copper pot stills, and mature our spirit in hand-selected casks. Finally, our whisky is bottled onsite at our distillery.