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Cutty Sark | Art Deco | Aged 33 Years

Cutty Sark | Art Deco | Aged 33 Years

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Size: 750ML

Proof: 83.4

Distillers Description:

This new 33 Year Old bottling has been released to continue the exploration of the rich history, heritage and origin of Cutty Sark, with a specific focus on the exciting Art Deco period of the 1920s and early 1930s. Celebrating a time when Cutty Sark found its way into America, flourished within the emerging cocktail culture and changed the pace of Scotch whisky forever.

The bespoke bottle, designed especially for this new expression, is decorated with sunburst and geometric designs in the style symbolic of this significant era. Presented in a piano black wooden box, the limited edition set also contains two decorated glasses and a 32 page book which provides an insight into the Art Deco period.

Colour: Classic deep rust. Orangy autumn tints.
Nose: A classic very old and quality nose, old leather, furniture polish, honeycomb, coconuts, old dunnage warehouse oak smells, hessian sacking and dry earth floors. It’s an amazing nose that you can smell for yonks. Warm your glass in your hands.
Palate: Fairly thick on your mouth, at this abv it could be chill filtered, but with the age and price as it is, it might well be at natural strength. It’s mouth coating with great flavours, packed with coconut, old tropical ripe fruits and generally amazing old flavours.
Finish: Rich, old sweetness, really long and alluring, gentle spreading warmth that keeps you going for ages, just what the doctor ordered for on a cold winters evening.