Garrison Brothers | Cowboy Bourbon

Garrison Brothers | Cowboy Bourbon

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Size 750ML Proof 133.9

It takes a special barrel to create a bourbon nectar sweet enough to be enjoyed at such a high proof. The potency normally overpowers the flavor. This ain’t the case with the Cowboy – it’s so sweet, the flavor overpowers its proof. And you can thank the Texas heat for that.

Tasting Notes:

  • Nose: Bouquet of lavender, Manhattan street-cart roasted walnuts, pipe tobacco and Arabica coffee.
  • Palate: Powerful rush of raw honeycomb, dried cherries, toffee, warm molasses, cooked apricots, and burnt raisins, figs and ganache. 
  • Finish: Burnt marshmallows and a Milk Dud finish. A pleasing hiss like a snake's rattle as it settles in and numbs the tongue.