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Hinomaru Whisky | Sakura Cask | Aged 6 Years

Hinomaru Whisky | Sakura Cask | Aged 6 Years

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Size: 700ML

Proof: 96

Distillers Description:

Kiuchi Shuzo emphasizes that they were one of the first new entrants into the Japanese craft whisky scene with a simultaneous release of two single malts: a six-year sakura cask whisky and a five-year sherry cask+port finish whisky.

Single malt whisky aged for 6 years in Sakura wood, Japan`s famous cherry blossom tree.
Malt beverage brewed and fermented at Kiuchi Brewery Distilled at Kiuchi` s Nukada Distillery Aged 6 Years.
Enjoy the elegant flavors created by the cherry casks, a symbol of Japan`s beauty.