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Paladar | Tequila Blanco

Paladar | Tequila Blanco

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Size: 750ML

Proof: 80

Distillers Description:

From the last of the independent founding families of tequila, Paladar is a homage to the traditions of Mexico. We harvest 7-Year Blue Weber agave from our own fields, which slow cooks in brick ovens and open-air pine-box ferments in wild and proprietary yeast. Each batch of Paladar is twice distilled in a copper and stainless steel pot blend. We celebrate this product of the earth with each bottle hand-dipped in the volcanic soil of our agave fields.

Master Distiller - Eduardo Orendain Jr.

Agave Varietal - Blue

Yeast - Proprietary Blend & Wild

Fermentation Vat - Pine

Type of Still - Alambique Copper & Stainless Steel Blend

Cask - Stainless Steel