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Suavecito Añejo

Suavecito Añejo

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Size: 750


Only made with specially selected mountain grown premium agave, Our Añejo is a masterful blend of 2 year old Añejo tequila and 7 year Extra Añejo tequila. Super premium, golden warm, amber. Suavecito Añejo is a true premium sipping tequila.


  • Appearance: Amber tint medium straw, medium tears

  • Aroma: Agave & Spice, light wood/bourbon

  • Initial Taste: Agave, hint of cherry

  • Spirit Body: Woody, Agave

  • Finish/Aftertaste: Sweet wooded finish, light vanilla/caramel aftertaste


  • Appearance: Copper, rosy hues, slow tears

  • Aroma: Sweet agave, wood & cherry

  • Initial Taste: Burnt sugar & agave

  • Spirit Body: Agave, with light smoky wood

  • Finish/Aftertaste: Mint & chocolate finish, sweet aftertaste


  • Appearance: Crystal clear, medium tears

  • Aroma: Vanilla & Agave, olive & Fig

  • Initial Taste: Light floral & Sweet agave

  • Spirit Body: Citrus

  • Finish/Aftertaste: Long mild mint finish, hint of sweet agave in the aftertaste