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Talisker Aged 11 Years | Cask Strength | Special Release 2022

Talisker Aged 11 Years | Cask Strength | Special Release 2022

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Size: 750ML


Distillers Description:

As our legend goes, when the tides at Talisker Bay flowed with an unusual force, a luminous creature was drawn from the blackest depths, flooding the deep-sea darkness with its captivating glow. This powerful luminescence was carried on storm-tossed currents to the Talisker distillery, illuminating its new-make spirit. In that spirit too, the vivid luminosity shone, its classic smokiness fading before a radiant tide of spice-bright sweetness rarely seen.


On the shores of Loch Harport, near the western edge of the rugged Isle of Skye, legends easily ring true. Standing apart, its new make spirit cooled by the sea, Talisker has forged its own maritime destiny here since 1830. Sweet, salt-laced, thunderous and smoky, as elemental as land, sea or storm, this is a whisky for the wild at heart, Made by the Sea.


Light shines in every element here. Amid a deep golden glow, salty, smoky hints of a beach bonfire give the mild nose a maritime feel. First fill ex- bourbon casks gift layers of luminous flavour, the texture smoothly oily, the taste sweet and smoky-spicy, salty and fruity, like an orchard in sea mist. Peaty power appears in the chilli-spiced catch of the long finish. This is a legendary Talisker, of ethereal beauty.


Deep, glowing gold.




Maritime in feel, with light spice-prickle, the first impression suggests a beach bonfire of dry seaweed, then deep-seated notes of maritime saltiness and marine engines take over, on a base of drying fresh linen. All these scents hold together well at reduced strength.


Smoothly oily in texture, while the taste is gloriously sweet throughout and smoky-spicy, with a distinct fruity hint, all of which evokes an orchard seen through smoke and sea mist. A fine salty balance in the middle leads the spiciness on into a powerful chili pepper catch as you swallow. With a drop of water, the sweet fruitiness and saltiness come into their own.


Long, sustained and lightly smoky, with lingering warming spice.