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Tequila Tapatio | 110 Blanco

Tequila Tapatio | 110 Blanco

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Size: 750 ML

Proof: 110

Distillers Description:

Tapatío Blanco 110

55% Alc.Vol. 
The maximum alcohol content allowed by the standard for Tequila


Bright Crystal with intense silvery tones: the essential oil literally hangs from the glass.


Despite its alcoholic content, its aromas are well defined: Raw Agave (herbaceous), white pepper, citrus and Mint.    


Intense cooked Agave, slightly smoky, pepper, anise, cinnamon and apple. A very long and well accomplished finish.


This is a tequila specially designed to be used in cocktails, as its intense aromas and flavors remain instead getting covered by the other ingredients. However, it is very gentle at the palate and can be sip and savored neat or on the rocks.