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The Macklowe | American Single Malt | Kentucky Edition

The Macklowe | American Single Malt | Kentucky Edition

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Size: 700

Proof: 90

Liquor Lineup Description: 

Introducing the Macklowe American Single Malt Kentucky Edition, a true gem in the realm of American spirits. Crafted with utmost precision and an unwavering commitment to quality, this expression encapsulates the visionary craftsmanship of Julie Macklowe, a trailblazing force in the world of distilling.

Julie Macklowe, a remarkable entrepreneur and whisky enthusiast, brings her distinctive flair to the art of American single malt. Known for her impeccable taste and relentless pursuit of perfection, Julie has ventured into the realm of whisky, leaving an indelible mark with this exceptional expression.

Upon pouring a dram of the Macklowe American Single Malt Kentucky Edition, one is immediately captivated by its inviting golden hue, reminiscent of the sprawling fields of the Bluegrass State. The aroma gracefully unfolds, revealing rich notes of toasted oak, interlaced with whispers of caramel and vanilla. Layers of dried fruits, including apricot and cherry, provide a luscious sweetness, dancing in perfect harmony with delicate hints of baking spices.

On the palate, this Kentucky edition unveils a masterfully balanced symphony of flavors. The backbone of this expression is the American malted barley, meticulously sourced and carefully milled. The result is a velvety smoothness, as waves of toffee, dark chocolate, and honeyed figs embrace the taste buds. The influence of the charred oak barrels used in maturation imparts a gentle smokiness, seamlessly integrating with the inherent richness of the malt.

The Macklowe American Single Malt Kentucky Edition boasts a finish that is both enduring and satisfying. Notes of sweet tobacco and leather emerge, leading to a final crescendo of spiced fruits that linger long after the last sip. Each element intertwines gracefully, leaving a lasting impression and a desire for another pour.

In the world of whisky, Julie Macklowe's unwavering dedication to excellence shines through in this extraordinary expression. The Macklowe American Single Malt Kentucky Edition stands as a testament to her ingenuity, blending tradition with innovation to create a whisky experience that is truly remarkable. Whether enjoyed neat or with a splash of water, this Kentucky edition promises an unforgettable journey through the heart and soul of American single malt whisky.