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Tommy Rotter Distillery | Cider cask Finished | Whiskey

Tommy Rotter Distillery | Cider cask Finished | Whiskey

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Size: 750ML

Proof: 95

Distillers Description:

We siphoned off some of the delicious 7-year-old high-rye Tennessee whiskey that is blended into our Triple Barrel American Whiskey and dressed it up a bit!

This whiskey was distilled in Tennessee in a bourbon mash style, then aged for 7 years* in recharred white American oak barrels. The whiskey was then finished for months in hard cider barrels from Black Bird Cider Works, a cidery along the rural southern shores of Lake Ontario.

*The TTB forbids age statements on labels on products finished in alternative barrels, but we’re happy to share*


  • Aroma—Candied fruit and a bright caramel profile.

  • Taste—Soft but full bodied, sweet classic bourbon taste. A rye spice finish that completes with a subtle cocoa aftertaste.

  • Proof—95 proof

  • Mash Bill—corn, rye, barley

  • Color—chestnut gold

  • Case—6 bottles / 750 mL

  • Production—one time / 260 cases