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Trail’s End | Aged 8 Years| Bourbon

Trail’s End | Aged 8 Years| Bourbon

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Size: 750

Proof: 90

Distillers Description:

First collaboration between Hood River Distillers, the oldest distillery in Oregon, and our expert team at Clear Creek Distillery, the second-oldest distillery in Oregon.

TASTE: Initial introduction of roasted apples, hazelnut, chocolate, and candy cap mushroom continues mid-palate. A long finish of sweet cream and more hazelnut neatly ties in the initial aroma, resulting in a cohesive profile.

AROMAS: Considerably less opening bite with the introduction of Garryana Oak. Focused aromas of toasted hazelnut, stone fruit, ruby port, and apple.

FINISH: Finishes long and warm, oily and buttery.