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The Distinctive Spirit Company | Heaven Hill 13 Year

The Distinctive Spirit Company | Heaven Hill 13 Year

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Size: 700

Proof: 129.00 

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Crafted with the utmost precision, The Distinctive Spirit Company proudly presents the Heaven Hill 13 Year Bourbon, a liquid testament to time and artistry. Distilled with unwavering dedication in the heart of Kentucky in 2009, this elixir embarked on an extraordinary journey, maturing gracefully for over a decade. In 2019, it found its way to the enchanting landscapes of Scotland, where it was re-racked, transcending traditional borders to create a harmonious fusion of American and Scottish heritage. Bottled in 2022, this rare gem represents an exclusive release, with just 629 bottles in existence. The soul of this bourbon resides in Single Cask, Sherry Puncheon #3448530, a vessel that bestowed upon it rich, intricate flavors. At an impressive 64.5% Alc./Vol. (129 proof), it proudly showcases its strength, hailing from the heartland of the USA. This bourbon is an unapologetic embodiment of its origins, bottled at cask strength in a 700mL masterpiece, destined to captivate connoisseurs and collectors alike.