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Vegas Baby | Vodka

Vegas Baby | Vodka

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Size: 750ML

Proof: 80

Vegas Baby Vodka was founded by Jennifer Higgins and Megan Wilkes. The long-time friends have lived in Las Vegas for over 50 years combined and knew the city was missing a locally-based adult beverage that truly embodied “The Spirit of Las Vegas”. After trademarking the brand; months of taste testing, strategic planning, and decision making ensued. A partnership with a boutique distillery in Bozeman, Montana that shared like values and offered pure, crisp, mountain water was their true jackpot... VEGAS BABY!
Vegas Baby Vodka is made using 100% Non-GMO corn and represents the true Las Vegas drinking experience. We use the purest Rocky Mountain water and distill our product through a column still to ensure an ultra-smooth finish delivering a crisp, clean spirit that is refreshing and light.