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Wild West Whiskey 3-Pack

Wild West Whiskey 3-Pack

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We present you with the opportunity to add three elusive Frey Ranch and High West Distillery whiskeys to your collection at an incredible price!

-This set earns 3 tickets into Liquor Lineup’s Raffle Saturday April 29th 10:00AM. -Winners do not have it be Present to Win.

Limited/Allocated Bottle Release day of Raffle 9:00AM


-Smoke Wagon Rare and Limited Winter Oak

-High West  Midwinter Nights Dram 

-Weller Full Proof 

 1 bottle High West Bourbon 46% alc./vol. High West Bourbon is a complex blend of straight bourbons producing an aromatic whiskey that helps preserve the West. Size: 750ML

1 bottle High West Double Rye 46% alc./vol. Double Rye embodies a harmonious balance of bold rye spice with bright botanical notes that simultaneously showcase layers of freshness and complexity. Size: 750ML

1 bottle Frey Ranch Wheat Whiskey Single Grain Frey Ranch Farmers + Distillers Single Grain Series 100% Wheat Whiskey is aged for 5 years 3 months and bottled at 100 proof | 50%ABV. Size: 375ML