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Canadian Club | Chronicles | Aged 44 Years

Canadian Club | Chronicles | Aged 44 Years

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Size: 750 ML

Proof: 90

Distillers Description:

For the 5th year in a row Canadian Club has released a 40+ year old whisky. This edition, is the 4th in the

"Canadian Club Chronicles range: 'the Whisky Sixes"

The whisky pays homage to the bootlegging cars which raced across the Detroit River during prohibition, and their 6 cylindar engines.

Canadian Club became the unofficial whisky of prohibition through the ingenuity and diligence of the bootleggers who smuggled CC across the Detroit River into the U.S. During the winter months bootleggers would drive across the frozen river in lighter vehicles dubbed "whisky sixes," because of their smaller sixcylinder engines. These notorious automobiles were responsible for transporting as much as 75% of the country's liquor. The 'Whisky Sixes' roadsters could easily outrun police cars, adding glamour and panache to Canadian Club.

Savour the hallmark CC smoothness with the complex blend of sweet, crisp apple, plum and dried fruit mixed with zesty spice and chocolate. A well-rounded finish with the wood tannins for which CC is