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Tears of Llorona | Tequil Extra Añejo
Tears of Llorona | Tequil Extra Añejo

Tears of Llorona | Tequil Extra Añejo

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Size: 750ML

Proof: 86 


Distillers Description:

Tears of Llorona is a rare, handcrafted tequila created by Master Distiller Germán González Gorrochotegui. Requiring a careful combination of patience, care, and love, Germán disregards the practical and spares nothing in the pursuit of producing his masterpiece.

Utilizing learning from his father, coupled with his passion and expertise, Germán created the very first bottle of Tears for his personal enjoyment— but it was too good not to share. In 2012, Germán shared his special reserve with a close group of friends: a small-batch, artisanal expression boasting a rich and complex flavor profile. These friends encouraged Germán to release a limited supply for others’ enjoyment.

Germán named his creation Tears of Llorona, after La Llorona, the legend told to him by his father, and began distributing to select U.S. markets in 2014. Today, spirit aficionados and critics recognize Tears of Llorona as a masterpiece and a true expression of Germán’s genius.